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About Us

South Shore Idea s.r.o is a company devoted to help its customers achieve their goals.

From a simple idea to help people to stay in shape we created an expended worldwide company with many online portals. We are proud to help you at every stage of your objective, both in:

– a spotive way
– a healthy way

One thing is sure, we will always be there to help you and give you tips to make your life better. We are specialized in sports and health coaching helping those who are looking to improve with premium content. 

Our main values

These three values are the main elements of the company’s culture. 


To create our platforms we first understand your needs, which is why we know what you are looking for.


We are working with experts to provide premium content, you can believe in us when you use our platforms.


The solution we are providing are made with care and attention to deliver the best quality possible.

Qualitative content accessible for everyone


Coaching apps are available for
safe and frequent daily routines.
Try them out and make your
daily life easier.

Many playlists with a lot of
songs to give you motivation 
while you are working out
or doing meditation.



We broadcast sportive matches
and reviews to allow you to
follow your favorite teams
from your device.

Our team of professional trainers
filmed tons of videos to help you
to workout and find the perfect
sportive routine.



We selected the best articles to
give you as much information
and knowledge as possible
about a healthy lifestyle.

Contact Us

Our team is always available to help you, feel free to reach out by: